Corporate Solutions

We offer a variety of career transition programmes to our corporate clients many of which are focused on employees that are exiting the organisation. These programmes take an alumni approach, leaving employees with a positive impression of the organisation and more likely to recommend you as an employer or service provider in future.

We also offer line manager training in Meaningful Career Conversations to ensure that your employees are engaged in a meaningful career at every stage of the employee life cycle.

Career Transition for Exiting Employees

Ending an employment relationship can be a sensitive situation for everyone involved. Most organisations wish to support the exiting employee and smooth the transition to their next career opportunity for a variety of cultural, commercial and branding reasons.

Our Career Transitions are flexible and very much tailored to the individual needs of the exiting employee. We start the Career Transition by reflecting on strengths, meaning and purpose and aligning these to the options and opportunities open to the individual. We then offer the extremely practical support needed to build a stand-out CV, network confidently and effectively, understand the new world of work, make best use of social media and perform well at interview.

Each participant has a lead coach who supports them through the Career Transition and orchestrates the involvement of our expert advisors, network contacts and research capability.

We offer three levels of service all of which include a strengths assessment and membership of the Dynami alumni network and events. Our three levels are:

  1. Board and Senior Executive Premium Service (BSEPS)
    12 months unlimited coaching support and access to workspace at The Clubhouse Also access to our network of advisors and contacts including researchers, head hunters, social media experts, branding experts and stylists. For more detail, download our Board and Senior Executive Premium Service pdf >>
  2. Senior Executive Career Transition Service (SECTS)
    As above with 6 months support instead of 12 months. For more detail, download our Senior Executive Career Transition Service pdf >>
  3. Group Executive Career Transition Service (GECTS)
    This is for more than one exiting employee and can accommodate up to 8 individuals per programme. It includes up to two and a half days of workshops as well as three coaching sessions and three months access to the workspace at The Clubhouse. For more detail, download our Group Executive Career Transition Service pdf >>

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Leading Change and Transition: The Positive Approach to Leadership Development

Organisational change creates unknown and uncertain territory for leaders and their teams, with different expectations and ways of working, different team dynamics and different relationships and attitudes.  It is a time of great opportunity and great vulnerability and the spotlight is on the leaders to deliver results against this challenging backdrop and to find new ways to navigate the changes in the workplace to enable them and their people to thrive.

Our approach to leading change is different – it’s a positive approach. We work with leaders to develop the mindset, behaviours, strategies and relationships of positive leaders.  This appreciative approach uses a portfolio of strengths-based leadership tools and techniques to enable leaders and their teams to drive performance success in a challenging and changing landscape.

We offer one to one executive and group coaching, positive leadership workshops and leadership team building sessions to build optimistic, confident and resilient leaders with engaged and high performing teams.

For more detail, download our Leading Change and Transition pdf >>

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