What We Do

Redundancy Support Programmes

We understand the risks of a badly implemented redundancy programme.You risk your brand; you risk losing valued employees; you risk your internal reputation; and you waste money on badly implemented programmes.We help you to mitigate those risks.

Dynami helps to protect brands by providing a supportive outplacement experience. We help you to re-engage and re-motivate those left in the organisation. We help you manage your budget in the way that will have the most positive impact.

We offer three levels of support:

Level One: Supporting those leaving

Our outplacement provision is entirely flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs and budget. We based our programme on what HR told us they needed:

  1. Top quality and up-to-date outplacement with budgetary flexibility
  2. Person-centred and tailored to each individual
  3. A blend of one-to-one coaching, workshops and online support

Each outplacement client is guided on a unique journey through our four-step career transition programme. We offer a plethora of resources including one-to-one career coaching, face-to-face workshops, a unique social networking platform, professional headshots, membership of business networking clubs and co-working facilities, on-boarding coaching, in-house clinics, etc.

You can select the resources that suit your aims and budget. You can create bespoke programmes or leave the individual to create their own based on a points system.

Level Two: Supporting those staying

We work with you to support your people at three levels: leaders, teams, individuals. We have “off the shelf” products which we can tailor to your organisation. Our approach is based upon four main interventions.

  1. Leadership programmes: based on an easy to follow and practical four step process and set of essential skills for managing people through transition.
  2. Coaching Skills for Managers: recently cited as the most important skill to manage through change, our Action Learning Set approach enables managers to acquire and embed coaching skills as well as form support networks with their peers.
  3. Team dynamics: our strengths-based approach to team dynamics can be used to get newly formed teams up to peak performance in a short timeframe.
  4. Resilience: our resilience workshops, based upon the five ways to wellbeing, can be quickly rolledout across the workforce.

Level Three: Supporting the business

We know that some businesses need very practical support in getting the basics of redundancy programmes right. For this reason, Dynami has strategic partnerships with a number of reputable providers that can help you with:

  • The law: our partners include employment lawyers and employee relations specialists who can advise you on what you can and cannot do.
  • HR best practice: our partners are strategic HR consultants who can tell you the “right way” to do things within the parameters of the law and what is possible.
  • Corporate communication: where many redundancy programmes fail is in communicating redundancies to staff (ref Jamie Oliver’s recent email!). Our partner has experience of rolling out redundancy news across multinational disparate teams.