Energising Strengths Debrief

Discover what you're good at and what gives you energy; what secretly drains your energy; and how to overcome your weaknesses. Leave this 90 minute coaching session with a renewed vigour and some action steps to bring more energy and motivation into your work and personal life.

More about this Coaching Session


Energising Strengths are the foundation for creating a career you love.  So many of us build our careers on activities that we're good at but that secretly drain our energy.  This is normal.  Our skills are reinforced by others and it feels good when we're doing things that we're good at.

BUT, if you ever feel drained at the end (or even beginning!) of the day, you are probably not using your energising strengths.

Through the application of a Strengths Profile assessment which takes you 20 minutes to easily complete online, Ali will help you to illuminate:

  • What you're good at
  • What you find energising
  • What you find draining
  • What you're not so good at

Come away from this interactive session with ideas and a plan to build some more energy into your day.

If you're ready to re-energise your career, this session costs £375 which includes your personal Strengths Profile report.  Email us or book a Discovery Call to find out more or to sign up for this progamme.