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  • Are you good at what you do but no longer enjoy it?
  • Are you bored at work but can't see a way out?
  • Do you want to make a change but don't know in which direction?
  • We help you to find a career that energises and invigorates you.
  • We shine a light on your strengths and bring them to life in your career.
  • We support you in taking steps towards a more fulfilling career.

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How to work with us

Step 1:
Book an exploratory call / meeting

Step 2:
We tailor a programme to suit your needs and budget

Step 3:
We execute the programme in full collaboration

“Ali has been fantastic, asking searching and challenging questions to get me thinking about my strengths, values and drivers, and how these can help me to find the right next opportunity. The group coaching sessions have been really useful, the training webinars opened my eyes to the joys of networking (which I always dreaded and have now embraced) and the 1:1 coaching has been a revelation. I really can't recommend Ali highly enough.”
Graham Carter, Learning & Development Professional

Dynami was founded by Alison Hughes answering a need in the market for a tailored and flexible approach to career transformation. Alison has made successful career transitions of her own and delights in helping others to find a professional path which doesn't feel like "work".

She has created bespoke programmes and workshops for individuals and corporations.  All programmes are available online and some interventions can be delivered in person.  This makes career transformation accessible to suit different budgets.

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