What We Do

We work with individuals and organisations to harness the power of proactive and continuous career management to enable people to flourish and companies to thrive.

Pulling on our extensive experience in career management and our expertise as coaches, we offer a range of 121 and group coaching interventions as well as automated online career management programmes.

Corporate Services


What do all organisations want to achieve when it comes to their people strategy?

  • A stand-out employer brand that attracts top talent
  • Productive employees performing at their optimum level
  • Happy people who are motivated to stay with the organisation

I know this is what you want.  So why is it so difficult to achieve?

It's difficult because we tend to think of the employer-employee contract as a two-way deal: we give you employment, reward and recognition and you give us talent, motivation and commitment. 

But something's missing. Career Development.

From Dan Pink to Maslow, motivational theory points to autonomy, growth and mastery as fundamental driving factors for human beings to feel motivated and to self-actualise.

You need to empower the individuals in your organisation to take ownership of their own development in order to progress and be successful. And you do this by committing to support them in their career development, which in turn inspires them to commit to the organisation.

Career development coaching empowers the individual to autonomously act as the agent of their own growth and mastery.  

The organisation enjoys employees who are motivated, high performing and productive!

Using a Strengths-Based Approach, we use 121 and group coaching and facilitation to empower your people to proactively manage their careers and flourish at work. 


Individual services


Quite simply, we help you to create a career you love.  Whether you're feeling a bit disenchanted about your career and want to get your mojo back or you've got the full-on Sunday Night Blues keeping you awake at night, we have a solution for you.

We help you get clear on what career will truly light you up and then support you to get there. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Get in touch with who you really are, stripping away all that "career persona" you've built up and get back to the core of YOU;
  • Find out what activities light you up and what kind of environments will enable you to thrive;
  • Explore and research all the different career possibilities that are open to you;
  • Create short, medium and long term career goals that will keep you moving in the right direction;
  • Overcome barriers and find the motivation to create a career you truly love.

Our solutions to creating a career you love offer you flexibility in how you work with Ali.  You can:

  • take up 121 coaching with in a curated or bespoke programme
  • join our group mastermind community The Flourish Club and share the experience
  • participate in our group coaching events and workshops

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR INDIVIDUAL SERVICES HERE - you can always book a Discovery Call with Ali to find out what solution will suit you best.