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Six Words That Could Change Your Life Forever

Changing jobs or even careers has been all you’ve thought about for months yet those talks of a recession have made you retract your ambitions. You might have even convinced yourself that you never really wanted to change in the first place and that you are happy where you are.

  • But are you really happy, or are you just playing it ‘safe’?
  • Do you simply fear the unknown?

This type of anxiety is completely normal and I for one understand how you feel. I started a business during tough economic times (as the press likes to call it) and I can honestly say it was more than simply ‘tough’. It was rough, scary, and uncertain…

…but six magic words pushed me to keep going.

But before I share them with you, let me offer a little reassurance about employment in the UK today. 

The UK jobs market is defying gloomy recession forecasts with vacancies surging to 1.85m in July this year. It’s a sign that employers are still trying to find new talent despite record-breaking inflation according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Therefore, it’s still a job-seeker’s market. So why would you stop seeking new opportunities if your current job makes you:

  • Hate Mondays
  • Sit in a slump on a Sunday evening
  • Clock watch all day long
  • Feel demotivated and unenergized
  • Grumpy with those you love and should enjoy spending time with

Blockers and Barriers

The reason we can talk ourselves out of pursuing change is because making change happen requires effort.

To make a change in any area of your life, you need:

  1. Courage to overcome barriers (fear, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination)
  2. A growth mindset (learn from your missteps and create resilience)
  3. Motivation (know your why, have a direction and make progress, have fun, have support)
  4. Accountability (who are you accountable to? If it's just you, is that enough?)

Now you might be looking at that list thinking you have two, one or none of those attributes. If you think you have all four, then we need to chat as I could learn a thing or two from you!

The reality is, change IS hard. That’s because our brains were designed to help us avoid being uncomfortable. We don’t like uncertainty or difficulty for that matter. If you’ve heard of the ‘chimp brain’ then you’ll know what I mean.

We like safety and security. But is safety and security worth being unhappy for?

A Hack to Happiness

If you’re still with me, then great. You really want that change and what’s more you’re ready for it. Besides, internal forces are always more powerful than external ones.

So, if you’re desperately seeking change but worried about your chimp brain might sabotage your dreams, then the 6 magic words I want you to say over and over are:

  1. What
  2. If
  3. It
  4. All
  5. Works
  6. Out

That’s it! What if it all works out?

Right now, your anxious mind is creating all the dangerous ‘what if’ scenarios that will send you on a downward spiral towards inaction. But we can flip that on its head and start exploring the possibility that everything can work out for the best – even in ‘tough’ economic times.

  • What if you start Googling new jobs today and find a vacancy at your dream company?
  • What if you update your CV and are head hunted next week?
  • What if you ask your employer if there’s any CPD you can do that will help you get promoted and they say yes?
  • What if you ask for additional responsibilities at work and you get them, along with a pay rise?

Next Steps

Now, obviously all the above ‘what ifs’ are based on what I’ve seen happen to some of my clients. What I want you to do, is think of what action you would love to take with your career and then write down all the positive outcomes that single action could create.

It might include how your future self would feel, how your relationships would improve or what you could do with the increase in salary.

All too often, our anxiety over uncertainty can freeze us in place. It can stop us moving forwards and it can threaten our happiness.

The reality is what you think really does matter. So, what if it all works out? Considering the best-case scenario in life and work can help us thrive and live life to the full.

Believe it. Work hard for it. And everything really will work out.