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End the Year Strong... and End the Year Well


End the Year Strong

Last week I hosted a Strengths Challenge called "End the Year Strong" with the aim of introducing people to their Strengths Profile and to create a Strengths Action Plan for 2021. I had great fun running it with a wonderful group of people who were all ready to dig in to some self-discovery and engaged with much enthusiasm.

If you know the Strengths Profile, you will know that it looks at four quadrants: Realised Strengths, Learned Behaviours, Weaknesses and Unrealised Strengths. Although I've been using the Strengths Profile with clients for quite some time now, I am continually learning new things about how this self-exploration can impact us differently at different times.

What I learned last week was this:

  • At the end of this difficult year, it was very therapeutic to think about our Realised Strengths (things we are good at, enjoy and are currently using) and how they help us to be happy and successful;
  • It was a relief to look at our Learned Behaviours (things we are good at but drain our energy) and think about ways that we can use them less going forward;
  • For some of us, it felt a bit overwhelming to think about our Unrealised Strengths (things we are good at and enjoy but are not currently using) and try to work out how to use them more next year. Can't we just have a rest Ali???

End the Year Well

December can be a great time to reflect on the year just gone and make plans for next year. However, this year has taken its toll on many of us and all we want to do is wrap ourselves up in our comfy Realised Strengths like a warm and cosy blanket in front of the fire. And, if that sounds appealing, then let's do it so we can end the year well.

What to do now

Get a pen and paper and make a list of 10 things that you find fun, absorbing, relaxing, enjoyable, energising and comforting and resolve to do at least one of those things every day over the festive break. I resolve to do the same and, to keep me honest, here is my list:

    1. Go for a walk with a friend
    2. Have my Mum over for lunch
    3. Play the piano and sing songs from the musicals (only allowed when my husband is out)
    4. Make soup
    5. Watch "Meet me in St Louis (favourite Christmas movie)
    6. Read an Agatha Christie
    7. Go to the cinema
    8. Grab a dog or a cat for an unplanned afternoon snooze
    9. Have a glass of wine at lunchtime
    10. Do a jigsaw puzzle

This is being pinned to the fridge.

I'd love to read your list. Please do send it over and let's end the year well together.

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