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Have you met the Career Fairy?


Say "hello" to the Career Fairy

Now, back to the Career Fairy. Have you seen her? No? Well, the truth is she doesn't exist. However, quite a few clients come to me thinking that I do have a magic wand and fairy dust (metaphorically speaking).

What do I mean by that you might ask? Well, some might think that all they need to do is a Strengths assessment and maybe have a look at their Values and some other stuff and then I will wave my magic wand and say "You should be a ........[fill in the blank]!". If only it were that easy. But it's not, for two main reasons.

You have to do the work

The first thing that I always tell clients is that you need to do the work. I have a process and coaching techniques which will facilitate your exploration but I can't do the work for you. Human beings are so complex and multi-faceted that it would be impossible to pour in all the ingredients that make you who you are, stir them up and produce a nice, neat career cake for you.

Who and what you are, your values, your beliefs, your barriers, your strengths, your opinions, your motivators, your dreams, your desires, your fears: these are all unique to you and can be applied in a multitude of different ways. This business of creating a career you love involves looking at all of these things, digging deep, experimenting, being honest and being a work in progress.

You are a work in progress

And so to my second point. Creating a career you love is not a destination. It's a work in progress (really trying to avoid the word journey here!!).

A simple but effective coaching tool that many coaches use is a scale of 1 to 10. On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your career right now?

Personally, I'm about a 7 at the moment. There are things that I'm striving for, things that I don't enjoy right now. But the important question is not "what does a 10 look like?" but "what does an 8 look like?" and "what do you need to do to get to an 8?" (mostly outsourcing certain tasks for me!). And because I enjoy learning and growth, my 10 will be a constantly evolving target.

What to do now

Start with this simple coaching exercise and answer the following questions:

  • On a scale of 1 - 10, how happy are you with your career right now (1 is unhappy, 10 is overjoyed)?
  • What does one number higher up the scale look like?
  • What do you need more of?
  • What do you need less of?
  • What is the next action you can take to move you a bit closer to that number?

Feel free to share your action with me if you'd like to. I love to hear how people are moving towards great fulfilment in their work.

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