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Ready to build your DREAM career?


You may or may not know (depending on whether you've worked with me or not) that all the work I do with clients around "create a career you love" is based on a process that I call the DREAM process (shout out to my business coach, Karen Murray, for introducing me to the power of a process!).

During the month of August, this weekly blog will be taking you through the DREAM process step-by-step. Each week I will be talking about a different stage in the process AND sharing a free download that you can use to help you illuminate that stage for yourself. I'd love to hear about your experiences with them.

But first, I thought I'd better let you know a bit more about the DREAM process which is what I'll focus on today.

D is for Discovery

Specifically, Self-Discovery. This stage is all about re-engaging with YOU, the person, the unique individual that you are. We strip away all the career armour and assumptions that you've been carrying about for so long and start again at the beginning; almost like your career never happened to you (yikes!). At this stage, I'm not interested in your qualifications and experience, I'm interested in YOU.

This stage of the DREAM process is built around 3 Career Pillars: your strengths (what you're good at and energised by); your values (what drives you at your deepest level); and your purpose (your why / your Ikigai). This version of YOU is captured in whatever way resonates with you - I love a picture board or a compellingly written description.

R & E are for Research & Exploration

This stage is what I call the "fun" stuff. This is where you get to experiment, dream and really push the boundaries on the myriad of career possibilities that are out there for someone like YOU - with your unique blend of strengths, values and purpose. During this stage, nothing is off the table, nothing gets dismissed out of hand and anything is a possibility.

What I really love about this stage is that you keep this list alive. Your next career move might not be radical but some of those more "off the wall" ideas may be career possibilities for the future. I have stuff on my list about writing for a walking magazine, having a small holding, owning a B&B/campsite ... completely unrelated to careers and coaching.

A is for Action Plan

No, don't stop reading! This stage is KEY even if it doesn't sound like so much fun as the last stage. All the self-discovery and exploration in the world means nothing if we don't do something with it. This stage is all about creating a long-term career vision, a medium-term career plan and short-term career goals. These goals are built around the SMARTER framework (Michael Hyatt) and we also look at how you will stay accountable for keeping on track. Which leads us to…

M is for Making it Happen

I am known for saying that creating a career you love is "not a destination but a journey". Having a growth mindset is really important because I don't want you to settle for second best. Making it happen is a complex stage, but not difficult if you have the right support. It's about accountability, momentum and mindset (motivation and overcoming barriers). You can make your DREAM career a reality.

What now?

There are no actions for you from this week's blog. But I would like you to reflect on the following question if you are still on the journey to creating a career you love:

Where in the DREAM process am I getting stuck?

Then, I hope that you will join me in this blog, throughout the month of August, to explore each stage in a little more detail and participate in some of the exercises, particularly at the stage(s) where you're getting stuck.

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