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Start the year strong


My January Strengths Work

This month, I am launching a new online programme. Although the content is my tried and tested methodology that I use with my 121 coaching clients in our “Create a Career You Love” coaching programmes, this is the first time that I’ve run it as an online programme. I am nervous and excited in equal measure (you know how those two emotions feel the same – butterflies in your stomach?).

You may remember that I launched a different online programme last year called Make it Happen. Because I launched Make it Happen last year, I am an “experienced” course creator i.e. I know how much work is going to be involved in this launch, both in the marketing and the delivery. My husband even asked when the launch date is so he could be forewarned of when I would be grumpy (as if!!!!).

Anyway, suffice it to say that I am going to need to summon up some of my trusty and reliable Realised Strengths for this project. I will be looking to combine a number of my Realised Strengths, making sure that I dial them up when I need them. I also will want to ensure that I don’t overly rely on my Learned Behaviours because they can drain my energy. I only have them in reserve for when I absolutely need them. Having completed a new Strengths Profile in December, I have the luxury of being able to dip into this report to see what I have in my kit bag.

Lean in to my Realised Strengths

As you know, a Realised Strength is something that you are good at, you get energy from and you’re currently using. Luckily, at the moment I seem to be using a lot of my strengths as I have 25 Realised Strengths to draw upon. The ones that stand out for me as I venture in to this new(ish) world of online programmes are: Courage; Adventure; Change Agent; Action; Resolver; Creativity & Service.

Even if the butterflies feel more like nerves than excitement on some days, when I read these strengths, I have confidence in my abilities to deliver this programme. If all else fails, I also have Optimism, Humour and Bounce-back to back me up.

I have put these Realised Strengths onto post-it notes and put them near my workstation so that I can see them every day. These are the strengths that will see me thrive in January.

Be aware of my Learned Behaviours

As you know, a Learned Behaviour is something you are good at but that can drain your energy if you rely on it too much. Ideally, we don’t rely on them. However, I know that there are certain Learned Behaviours that I will need to use this month to make this programme launch happen. These are: Organiser, Pride, Detail and Prevention. As long as I am intentional about when I need to use these skills and how I am going to re-energise myself afterwards, using these Learned Behaviours this month will be OK. Besides, I can now delegate some of these things to Emily, my Passionate PA. And, if the launch goes well, I can delegate even more of them next time!!

What you could do now

Have a look at your intentions or goals for January. Will you be stretching yourself this month?

If the answer is yes, then I recommend that you dip into your Realised Strengths and see which ones you can combine to ensure you remain energised. Put them on Post-It notes and put them somewhere that you will see them every day. This will remind you that you have the skills and abilities to achieve your goals and help you to lean into your energising strengths every day.

If the answer is no and you’re choosing to ease gently into 2021, perhaps you can take some inspiration from your Unrealised Strengths (things you’re good at and that energise you but you’re not using them right now) and see which of them you’d like to try to use more this year? You could set an achievement or habit goal for the year that will incorporate one of these Unrealised Strengths to bring you more energy in 2021.

As ever, please do get in touch with any questions or comments if you’d like to explore your strengths a little further.

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