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Working with Strengths: a Question of Legacy


As we enter a new month (how is it November already?), it’s time for me to share what Strengths work I have been doing during October.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on my Unrealised Strengths. These are strengths that give me energy but which I’m not using at the moment. These are our hidden talents which we could use more.

In September I dusted off my “Narrator” strength which you can read about here if you missed it. In October, I decided to shine a light on my Unrealised Strength of “Legacy”. This is defined as:

“I care deeply about future generations and seek to leave a Legacy through what I do. I enjoy working on things that make a difference and will have a positive impact on others. In whatever I do, I want to ensure that I create something that will outlast me and continues to make a positive contribution after I’ve gone.”

This is an interesting definition because not all of it immediately resonated with me. The second sentence certainly did “click” straightaway but the concept of creating something that will outlast me has never really crossed my mind.


I decided that this strength needed some reflection about what Legacy means to me. To keep it front of mind, I posted my monthly strength as an ongoing event in my Outlook calendar so that I saw it every time I opened my calendar, I weaved it into any coaching I received or journaling I was doing and I stuck it by my desk on a Post-It note: “Legacy”…

My aim was to finish the month with a clear idea of:

  • How am I currently satisfying my Legacy strength?
  • What can I do to use it more?

Current usage

Because Legacy is sitting in my Unrealised Strengths, I already know that its current usage is low. However, that second sentence certainly resonates with my purpose of enabling people to create more meaning and fulfilment in their careers.

It’s interesting to reflect that I last did my Strengths Profile in May 2020 when we were a couple of months into the Coronavirus lockdown. I was just starting with a group coaching programme for people who were looking for a new job, most of them due to redundancy.

As I continued with this programme, I felt compelled to support more people than is possible via a group coaching programme. I pivoted my focus for the summer in order to create an online programme for job seekers that could be accessed by anyone at any time and at an affordable price. Perhaps this was my Legacy strength creeping in a bit.

Future usage

Whilst I am really pleased with what I achieved with the online programme, I do not believe that this is the work that will outlive me, not least because the process of finding a job changes so rapidly with technological advancements that this particular programme will be obsolete in the future. So, what could it be that will outlast me?

I came up with a few ideas:

  • In 2021, I will be creating an online programme called “Get Clear on Your Career”. I see this as something that will continue to develop and evolve, perhaps with spin off events and programmes that truly enable people to get happier in their work.
  • I think that corporations will need to take a more active role in the future to sustain happiness and fulfilment at work. This is an arena where I would like to make a contribution.
  • As our second and third “Acts” continue to merge (i.e. work and retirement), I feel that there is still a giant step between our first and second Acts (i.e. education to work). Entering the world of work is daunting and I feel that our educational establishments do little to lessen the fear. I see some work to do here that might be where I head at some point in the future.

Alongside these ideas that are related to my work, bubbled a reconnection with a latent passion of mine about the environment and sustainability. I will hold my hand up as one of the many that “do a bit” for the environment but could definitely do more.

Taking Action

These reflections have come at a good time for me as I am starting to forward plan for my business in 2021. I will be sitting down with my business coach in the next few days and we will be looking at what I want the business to look like in five and ten years’ time. I am going to bring these ideas with me to see where I can be taking action to re-engage my Legacy strength.

If you or someone you know would be interested in my comprehensive online programme for job seekers, you can find out more here. Please share with anyone you know that's looking for a new role!

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