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If you’ve been reading for a while, you probably know by now that I often look at career happiness on a scale of 1 to 10. Scales are really helpful because they enable you to look at your next best step and break it down. So if you’re at a 5, then what does a 6 look like and what are your steps to get there?

My career has been a 7 out of 10 for a while – yes I’m a work in progress too. And I’ve always known what an 8 looks like – it has me doing more of the stuff that energises me (coaching, connecting, learning, being creative) and less of the stuff that drains me (planning, detail, rules, persuasion). I always have a plan for how to move up the scale.

Well, I wanted you to be first to know the great news… I’m now at 7.5 going on 8. So, I’ve taken some time to reflect on how I’ve increased my score as I'm sure there will be lessons for you too as you work your way up your own career happiness scale. And, guess what? You can help me on my way to an 8 .... read on.

The upward trajectory

It has taken me six years to evolve my business into a shape that I now feel completely happy with and can continue to develop. This has taken some careful work to align my business with my core values (independence, fairness, harmony, compassion, optimism) and to make sure that I can use my energising strengths.

My Why is to “inspire others to explore beyond their boundaries so that we can all live our best lives”. My business is now in a great shape to enable me to do that.

So, what has that looked like in practice? Here is some of the evolution that has enabled me to do this:

  • A move away from corporate assignments (large leadership development programmes) to individual assignments – my motivation throughout my career is to help individuals not organisations;
  • The creation of more affordable and accessible support (online self-study programmes, group coaching) to open up the “create a career you love” concept to more people;
  • A variety of products and programmes meaning that I get to do a variety of different things and can be continually innovating and creating;
  • Opportunities for me to learn and grow by continually delivering new content to my subscribers and clients;
  • Outsourcing and automation of tasks and activities that de-energise me – a game-changer!

I could get more even more granular here but you get the gist. What could you evolve in your career today to move you up the scale?

What surprised me

Interestingly, throughout all this “intentionally” shaping my business, there has also been a big surprise – I LOVE working with groups (something I'd not done much of in the past)! Last year was key for me in shaping this part of my business as I undertook a formal training in group coaching and paid support in setting up and running a membership. So, in May I set up the Flourish Club to founder members.

And I ADORE the Flourish Club. It enables me to really live into my values – we have a small but perfectly formed community that truly embodies my values of independence, fairness, harmony, compassion and optimism. It is safe and trusting community of individuals who all want to flourish at work and to support each other to do the same through championing our individual efforts, helpful feedback and accountability.

Help me help you

No, I haven’t turned into Gerry Maguire but I’m looking to get to my 8 out of 10. This means that I want to grow and develop the Flourish Club this year. And that is where you come in.

You can help me boost my career happiness score at the same time as boosting your own inside the Flourish Club. For just £65 (for the first month and you can cancel any time), you get all this:

• A Strengths Profile assessment

• Access to 3 online programmes supporting you to create a career you love

• Weekly live calls with me and / or recordings - masterclasses, Q&A, group coaching and more

All of this content is worth over £1,000 if you were to purchase it outside the Flourish Club (I know, cheesy but true!). AND, if you join before the end of February, you will get a 45 minute 121 induction call with me where I will get to know you personally and create a roadmap just for you to create a career you love within the Flourish Club.

So, why not join me and a wonderful community of Flourishers inside the Club? Find out more and sign up using this link. I can't wait to meet you for a 121 call and welcome you into the Club.

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