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The 5 reasons you can't afford to make a career change... and why you're wrong


So, can you afford to make a career change?

If you've opened this article then I'm assuming that it's not an automatic and emphatic "no".

Congratulations, you're further ahead that a lot of people I speak to... :)

A whopping 57% of voters on my recent LinkedIn poll said that this is their biggest barrier to making a career change.

But I don't believe them. Well, not all of them anyway. And here are FIVE reasons why.

The 5 Reasons

1. They haven't done their research

My first two questions are always "what do you want to move to?" and "what is the going rate for that job?". If the individual has an answer to the first question, they very rarely have an answer to the second. And, if they do, it's not a well-researched answer.

If you are lucky enough to already know what your dream job would be, you need to go and find out the salary ranges for that job. Also, the other benefits - working hours, flexibility, pension, holiday, etc.

Don't ever say that you can't afford a career change without having completed this step.

ACTION: go and do your homework and research the actual pay of that role you've been dismissing.

2. They haven't done any budgeting

When I first set up my business, my husband wasn't working (he'd gone back to uni) and I wasn't sure how long it would take the business to start making the money that I needed to make to maintain our lifestyle. So I sat down with a bank statement and a spread sheet and looked at where we could save money to take the pressure off for a while.

There were lots of places we could save money:

  • Cut back on expensive holidays for a year
  • Cancel two gym memberships and exercise at home / outdoors
  • Stop my riding lessons for a year and ride my friend's horse instead
  • Shop smarter for food
  • Have friends round for supper instead of eating out
  • Change household providers / mobile phone / etc for cheaper alternatives
  • And the list goes on ...

People talk a lot about "lifestyle" but I didn't even notice the changes. Also, ask yourself "What is my happiness worth?". If the answer is "a couple of cheaper holidays and a few less dinners out" then go forth and explore!

ACTION: Look at your monthly outgoings and see where you could save.

3. They haven't spoken to an IFA

Everyone should speak to an IFA. They often have good news for you! I could tell you numerous stories of people who thought they would never be able to retire or change jobs that have had their beliefs completely turned around in one conversation with an IFA.

And, even if that is not the case for you, they can (at the very least) make sure you know EXACTLY what you need, when you need it and how to make it happen.

ACTION: Research a good IFA (Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert has recommendations on finding one) and go get some good financial advice!

4. They haven't asked their family

Sooooo many times I hear "My wife can't live without her overseas holidays" or "I've got to get my kids through private school".


Have you actually spoken to your family about this? Would they prefer a rich, stressed out partner/parent or a very happy partner/parent with fewer frills?

ACTION: Go and ask them what they'd be willing to live without if it made you happy.

5. They haven't looked at all the career possibilities

And here we get to the biggest assumption at play for most people contemplating a career change:

"Any job that is fulfilling must have a low salary"

So let me disabuse you of that idea. It simply isn't true. I have plenty of clients who have pinpointed and moved into fulfilling careers without dropping salary and, sometimes, even increasing their pay.

So, at the very least it's worth exploring what fulfilling career possibilities are out there for you, no?

ACTION: take a good look at what you are good at, what you enjoy, what gives you meaning and purpose, and go and explore fitting career possibilities around that.

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