Services for Corporates

Our Corporate Services are based around the transformational power of Coaching and the solid foundation of Strengths.  Our focus is on creating an environment where your employees flourish and the organisation thrives.  

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Bespoke Coaching


Empower individuals to take control of their own performance, progression and personal development through an individualised coaching programme.  

We use a holistic approach to help the coachee reflect on themselves as a whole person - not just their 'work persona'. This creates the deep self-awareness that builds the courage and self-confidence to be successful in business and leadership.

Our coaching programmes are flexible in length and are available in 3, 6 and 12 session formats.  The individual will normally have a 60 - 90 minute session with their coach on a rolling basis.  We recommend using an assessment tool (Strengths and / or DISC) alongside 360-degree feedback to accelerate the self-awareness at the beginning of the programme.

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Strengths-Based Interventions

Imagine a team where everyone is firing on all cylinders.  A team in which everyone is motivated, engaged, productive, energised, positive, cooperative and collaborative.

Sounds idealistic, doesn’t it?

But it is possible by harnessing the power of individual and team Strengths.

The research shows us that, when people play to their Strengths, they are happier, more confident, more energetic, less stressed, more resilient, more engaged at work, they perform better and are more likely to achieve their goals.

Teams that understand and use their Strengths have better relationships, communication and teamwork.  With a focus on Strengths, employees are six times more engaged, 38% more likely to be productive and their performance increases by 36%.

An Introduction to Strengths


When you embed a Strengths Approach, the culture and associated language changes as conversations shift towards how individuals can thrive and develop, and how teams can harness their collective and complementary strengths.

Each employee completes their online Strengths Profile assessment and is in receipt of their personalised report, illuminating their unique Energising Strengths, Energy Drainers and Weaknesses.

It is important for each person to understand how their unique profile can be used to help them achieve peak motivation, performance and energy.  To this end, 121 (90 minute) or group (half day) debrief sessions are recommended.  

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High Performing Teams


One of the most powerful reasons to use a strengths-based approach is to harness the relative strengths of your teams, creating high-performing, motivated and well-aligned teams in your organisation.

Our High Performing Teams offering starts with a one-day Team Strengths session which powerfully brings a team together enabling each team member to share their individual strengths with each other.  This means that, as a team, you know what motivates your colleagues and what they may need support on.

The session also builds an understanding of what the collective realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses of the team are.  This helps your leaders and team members increase performance and unlock talent by understanding more about the team’s successes, future potential, and areas to address.

We can also coach and train your team leaders to conduct powerful strengths-based career and goal-setting conversations with their people.

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Strengths and Personal Development


The Strengths Profile is a powerful tool for personal development, enabling individuals to explore their own strengths and energisers, and to gain a deeper understanding of how they can perform at their best.  It then supports them to set career development and / or work-related goals that are aligned to organisational objectives whilst enabling them to be the agent of growth and development in their own career.

Strengths-Based Development Coaching can be delivered as a 121 coaching programme with a trained coach. 

Alternatively, the strengths and goal-setting approach can also be delivered in a half-day group session, helping to embed the language and culture of strengths throughout the organisation as well as improving relationships and facilitating cross-functional networking.

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Strengths-Based Outplacement


Redundancy programmes are one of the hardest things that organisations and individuals have to go through.  Emotions on both sides are running high, including guilt, shame, fear and uncertainty.  To make it a positive experience is challenging.

We have found that using a strengths approach to Outplacement can make the individual's experience much more positive, enabling them to regain their confidence more quickly and look forward instead of backward.  This, in turn, has a positive impact on how it feels as an organisation when the hard decision to make headcount cuts arises.

We are experts in Outplacement  and can craft a bespoke programme that caters to your budget and your requirements.  Combining 121 and group coaching with our comprehensive online outplacement programme, we enable you to ensure that your leavers can leave well.

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Grow Your Own Career Coaches


Why not invest in growing your own career coaches?  This is ideal for individuals who want to support their own personal growth, learn new skills, and support the development of their colleagues, teams, leaders and organisation.

Our 5-Day Programme develops your own internal cadre of Career Coaches, giving them the skills to:

  • Understand the Strengths Profile
  • Conduct individual strengths debriefs
  • Support individuals to set meaningful goals
  • Learn the skills to have a career-based coaching conversation

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