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Create a career you love - round up of 2021


Well, we're nearly there. The end of 2021. Not quite as bizarre as 2020 but not entirely normal either. The job market in the UK seems to be booming with more vacancies than ever before as well as extremely good employment levels - go figure...!

In this email, I thought that I'd do a round-up of topics that have featured in this weekly email over the last year, focusing on those that were most popular. It may be that you missed some of these topics and would like to take a quick dive into them over the festive period. I recommend dipping into this email from time to time, with a cuppa or glass of your favourite beverage, and reading the topics that interest you ...

So here is Ali's Top 10 of 2021...

  1. It won't surprise you that I started the year by encouraging you to dig into your energising strengths. This January article explores how to start the year from a position of strength and energy using the lessons derived from your Strengths Profile. This will be useful in January 2022!
  2. Balancing out the strengths work, in February we explored how to overcome your weaknesses. This is ALWAYS the first place we automatically go when we start to look at learning and growing. This article explores five ways in which you can move beyond your weaknesses.
  3. Another popular topic is how to keep plugging away at creating a career you love without getting "sucked into the daily grind". This article gives you a structure for making sure you're consistently moving towards that ideal career.
  4. Somewhere clients often get stuck is thinking about the impact they want to have. Impact is such a big word isn't it? It makes you think you have to be trying to save the world... This article explores why having a micro impact can be just as important and rewarding.
  5. "Bring your whole self to work" - that's what we all want to do isn't it? This article explores what authenticity at work really means.
  6. Did you know that "work ethic" is the biggest energy drainer in the Strengths Profile. But we're all working so hard and, I don't know about you, but this year has been tiring. This article explores why we work so hard and shares come ideas of how to create more space for yourself.
  7. One of this year's most popular articles - how to identify those around you that drain your energy and those that give you energy - and how to spend more time with your Radiators. Let's all be with our Radiators next year.
  8. This article explores procrastination - need I say more? Stop cleaning the fridge and have a read about how to get over procrastination.
  9. Another popular topic - how to look after your Future Self. Your Future Self needs to be one of your best friends and a top priority. This article shows you how to nurture them.
  10. I couldn't let the Top Ten go by without revisiting Steve - my angel in a break-down truck who shared my energisers and values. A highlight of 2021 for me, even though I spent two hours in the cold on the hard shoulder of the M25. Read about it here.


I hope that some of my emails have brought you comfort and joy over the year and that you've enjoyed rereading them or exploring them for the first time. As ever, get in touch if you want to chat through any of the topics raised.

PS if you want to intentionally and purposefully create a career you love in 2022 with a group of like-minded people, check out the Flourish Club