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Get motivated to create a career you love


Motivation is important in all walks of life but it does seem to be one topic that comes up a lot in career conversations. When I recently polled my audience on what subjects they are most interested in, “finding motivation to change my career for the better” was among the very top subjects of interest.

As part of my coaching training, I've studied motivational theories and worked with my clients in many different ways in order to distil what is “motivating”. Whilst this is a very rich and diverse topic, today I will focus on four key elements that seem to be pivotal for my clients to engage with their own motivation.

1. Identify your purpose

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”, Nietzche

Purpose is another subject that polls high in the interest of career transitioners. Indeed, purpose has generally taken on a modern-day importance as demonstrated through the popularity of Simon Sinek’s book and Ted Talk “Finding Your Why”.

When I work with clients, we spend quite a bit of time defining what purpose means for that individual. This sense of purpose is connected to our core values. I talk about core values and how to identify them in another blog.

What is your career purpose? Mine is to help others create a career they love. This taps into my three core values of altruism, aesthetic and theoretical. If you know that your career journey is taking you towards a place more deeply connected with your purpose, then motivation will follow.

Here are some good coaching questions that could help you to identify your purpose:

  • What impact would you like to have on your world?
  • Who would you be in the future that you are not being now?
  • Who and what is important to you?
  • What do you dream of doing?

2. Create Direction and Track Progress

The next step to achieve motivation is to have a clear sense of moving towards something. You need to create a feeling of momentum, direction and progress. Think about how you would get yourself motivated to achieve something big at work. Replicate this in your career project.

  • When my clients are motivated they will:
    Have a clear path. Set your goal and know specifically how you are going to get there. Set visible milestones. What will be your first step?
  • Set deadlines. Although a short-term technique, it is a great way to kickstart your progress. What will be compelling enough to call you to action?
  • Track progress. You need to know that, despite any setbacks, you are continually progressing towards your goal. How will you visibly mark your progress? 

3. Work with Yourself

Notwithstanding Step Four, there is only one person that will ultimately enable you to create a career you love: YOU!  I encourage my clients to work on three key personal elements in order to maintain their motivation. These are:

Self-confidence and self-esteem. Work on building these two areas. Write a list of your past successes. What have you already achieved? Seek feedback from people who will boost you.

Play to your strengths. As part of coaching, my clients will have analysed and engaged with their personal strengths. Make sure you use your innate strengths to help you on your career journey much as you would use them at work.  Learn more about Strengths in my other blog.

Have fun. If you’re experiencing positive emotions, you’ll be more creative and better at solving career conundrums. Think about how you can make the activities you’re engaging in more fun and the positive energy will motivate you for sure.  

4. Find your Cheerleaders

The final piece of the jigsaw is to create your team of supporters. You need people around you who will reassure and inspire you. Share your vision with others to enlist their help and encouragement. You can also use them to help you generate ideas and creative approaches to your journey.

Who are your cheerleaders?

You could also find other people who are on a similar path with whom you can engage, encourage each other and keep each other accountable. 

Our group career coaching programmes offer the additional benefits of a supportive network to keep you motivated at a lower price than one-to-one coaching. If you’d like to know more about group career coaching, visit the What We Do page.

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