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Our Coaching Programmes

Job search webinars

As a response to the current virus lock-down and economic crisis, we are running a series of 3 cost-effective job search webinars.  Please click on the dates to book.

Webinar 1: Create a Winning CV - running on 1 April and 8 April
Webinar 2: Proactive Job Search Strategy - currently running on 9 April
Webinar 3: Interview Skills & Preparation - currently running on 14 April

All our programmes are designed to help you to create a career you love.  We deliver them online and in person (subject to venue availability) and they are available as one-to-one or group coaching sessions.

Our programmes go through 5 key phases, each explored with your coach:

  1. Discovery - get to know your true self by identifying your strengths, motivators and values.  Take a thorough look at your career-to-date and start to pinpoint the highs and lows whilst analysing what this means for your future.  This introspective starting point helps you to remove any assumptions or limiting beliefs you might have about your career by stripping it away and taking an in-depth look at you as a person.
  2. Exploration - during this phase, you will start to apply what you have learned about yourself during the Discovery phase and create some compelling and innovative visions of what your future career could potentially look like.  Together we explore the options and opportunities that might be open to someone like you, weighing them up against your career wants and needs, and getting clear on your future direction.
  3. Preparation - once you are clear on your direction, we will work together to prepare everything you need to move forwards.  We want to take your unique strengths and talents to the market and this normally includes a new and compelling CV, LinkedIn profile and any other collateral that will help you to move towards the career you want.
  4. Mindset - this phase will prepare you to take action.  We will look at removing any barriers to action, helping you to overcome the obstacles that you might put in your own way.  We also look at motivation and how you will stay energised and focused to achieve your goals.
  5. Action - this phase is all about planning your moves and making them happen.  Together we will keep you accountable to your plan, tracking progress, tweaking where necessary and celebrating successes.  Your coach will provide you with great insights on how to break into the 'hidden' recruitment market and uncover passive opportunities.  If required, it is here that we hone your interview technique and plan the first few months of your transition.

How you can work with us: 1-2-1 coaching

We have a variety of one-to-one programmes to offer you flexibility.  The main ways to work with us are:

Create a Career You Love Signature Programme

Our Signature programme is our most in-depth coaching programme delivered in 10 one-to-one sessions with your coach.  You work with your coach to fulfill each step described above, using our proprietary tools, techniques and expertise.  It includes an online strengths and values assessments with accompanying reports.

Career Transition Accelerator

Our Accelerator programme works for those who have a clearer picture of what they are looking for and are confident that they can work through the programme in a focused manner with their coach.  This programme is delivered over four sessions with plenty of exercises to complete in between.  The Accelerator programme does not include the Mindset phase.

Discovery Only

If you are not sure whether you need to make any major changes to your career, then you can choose to just do the Discovery phase before deciding to invest in the full programme.  This will include assessments and reports on your key strengths and values drivers as well as two sessions with your coach.  You can upgrade to the full programme at a later date.

Bespoke Programmes

If you would like a more tailored approach to creating a career you love then some or all of the described content can be delivered in a bespoke coaching programme of 3, 6 or 12 months.

How you can work with us: other programmes

Online group programmes:

Our online group programmes run over 6 months with a monthly group Zoom call of 120 minutes in duration.  Each month delivers content to create a career you love and the group individually commit to taking action and collectively hold each other accountable.

Your expert coach, Alison Hughes, will guide you through an exploration process using coaching techniques and tried and tested exercises.

In addition to the Group Coaching meetings you will also receive:

  • Two half-hour virtual one-to-one coaching sessions with your coach
  • Online Strengths Assessment with comprehensive report
  • Online Values Assessment with comprehensive report
  • Practical and reflective exercises to complete between sessions
  • Private social media group
  • Accountability buddies

Membership programme

We run a monthly subscription membership programme.  This membership offers a private social media group for sharing and support, useful content via email and live video, as well as fortnightly one-hour Q&A live calls with Alison on a specific topic.